Bringing Art and History Together

On-line art contests have become very popular. If you visit the various web sites you will see that there are contests for watercolor, acrylic, pastel, drawing, muti-media, etc. There are some with age limits – over 60 under 60 etc. In other words, there is a niche for anyone with an artistic nature.

We at the Ocean City Museum Society believe that this might be an untapped area for the museum field. We like the idea of mingling artists with museums – not art museums – but museums with specific areas of historic concentration. So we are inviting you to join with us in this our first endeavor.

Our immediate need was a theme for the contest. Our Museum has a two-fold mission – remembering the role of the U.S. Life-Saving Service and cultural and natural history of Ocean City and Worcester County Maryland.

With this our first attempt at an on-line art contest we decided to ‘limit’ the theme to those men of the Life-Saving Service who lived the life of “in peril upon the seas.” Ships traveling near the coasts in the 18th ad 19th centuries stood a good chance of running aground. Their only help was the men serving in small, life-saving stations located on the coastal beaches.

We want you to imagine what it must have been like to come to the aid of one of these ships on a stormy, snowy winter night or, for that matter, a placid summer evening (of course this would have been less frequent).

Or imagine them living day-to-day in one of those coastal stations far from their families. Sharing their time with brothers of the service.

For inspiration you can visit the following website for images of the life-saving service.

We invite any medium (with the exception of photography for this first contest) in any style – it does not have to be representational.

Entries will be accepted June 1 – August 31.
Judging of entries will take place  September 1 – September 15.
Contest results will be announced thereafter.